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Along the top of this page, please find a number of links to websites that could be helpful with your interest in Wisconsin high school athletics.

This list includes several conferences which we have a close relationship with or have teams participating in the GMC.


DSHA Soccer
Falls vs Hamilton basketball

National Federation Of State High School Associations

The National Federation Of State High School Associations (NFHS) is the body that writes the rules of competition for most high school sports and activities in the United States.

Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association

The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) is a regulatory body for high school sports in Wisconsin. The WIAA's history dates to 1895, making it the earliest continually existing high school athletic organization in the United States. One of the WIAA's key functions is overseeing and administering state tournament competition amongst the member schools. It also provides the licensing program for more than 10,000 sports officials in the state.

Follow all WIAA Tournament action on the WIAA website.



rSchoolToday is the software used by the GMC for keeping track of school events.  If you are looking for GMC schedules and event changes please refer to the rSchoolToday Website. Please find information about using rSchoolToday and links to the right or at the top of this page to access the rSchoolToday interface.

GMC Event Information

Follow all WIAA Tournament action on the WIAA website.

Southeast Conference

Franklin and Oak Creek High Schools are member schools of the Southeast Conference, but who we proudly host in Greater Metro Conference Summer Baseball.

Oak Creek baseball celebration

VIP currently provide sports photography services for over 160 High Schools and more than 500 youth organizations in the Wisconsin and Illinois area.The Greater Metro Conference would like to thank VIP for providing many of the excellent pictures on our website.

Accept the Challenge Become a WIAA High School Official

Sports officiating can provide great personal satisfaction and is a rewarding hobby that can provide extra income. As an official you must make instantaneous decisions, resolve conflicts, and deal with stress and pressure. You are in a position to be a positive role model for young adults. Sports officials must be able to bring control to chaos, understand fairness, promote safety, and encourage good sportsmanship. A sports official must have many of the positive characteristics of a police officer, lawyer, judge, accountant, reporter, athlete and diplomat. If you are ready to start enjoying officiating, contact the WIAA office at or call (715) 344-8580.