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GMC Coaches Resources and Info

Welcome to the Greater Metro Conference Coaches' Resource page. We hope you will find many useful resources regarding not only the Greater Metro Conference, but high school athletics. Please look above for additional links. There are several important reminders and policies listed on this page.

We would like to thank you for the many contributions to student-athlete development. We have such a quality group of coaches in the Greater Metro Conference, supported by an amazing group of administrators. I take great pride in my responsibilities in the Greater Metro Conference, including the opportunity to work with so many amazing coaches. Thank you for making this the best high school athletics' conference in the State of Wisconsin.

With Great Enthusiasm! 

Brian Henson

Greater Metro Conference Commissioner

Falls wrestling coaches

GMC Sportsmanship Policy

Good sportsmanship, ethical behavior, and integrity are important aspects of the educational process that should be emphasized at all levels of high school athletics. An awareness is expected of how an individual's behavior impacts others, positively as well as negatively. Good sportsmanship is defined by the Greater Metro Conference as an understanding of others, a commitment to fair play, ethical behavior, and integrity. These are all quantities to be passed on to our students. The GMC is not a just a device organized to permit a team to win a championship or to promote an intense rivalry, but an association formed for the purpose of making possible individual development though interscholastic competition. There are greater values at stake than winning games and championships at this important part in our students' lives.

If a Greater Metro Conference coach is ejected from any contest at any level, that coach will be suspended for the next scheduled contest, event or tournament (multiple games/matches on the same day equals an event). The ejected coach must leave the playing surface/area and be out of sight and sound (he may not sit on the bench, in the stands, dugout, etc.). When serving the one-game suspension, the suspended coach may not be at the contest site.

GMC All-Conference Voting

There will be no ties for GMC All-Conference teams. If after three votes, the coaches are unable to break a tie, the athletic directors will break the tie at the next regularly scheduled athletic directors' meeting.

"A successful football coach needs a patient wife, loyal dog, and great quarterback - and not necessarily in that order."

- Bud Grant

"Here's how I'm going to beat you. I'm going to outwork you. That's it. That's all there is to it.”

- Pat Summitt

GMC Officials Stuff

Athlete of the Year Reminders

Athlete of the Year will be selected in each sport sponsored by the GMC. The nomination process in each sport will be proposed by all the varsity head coaches participating in that sport and approved by the Athletic Directors and Principals of the GMC. 

Athletic achievement in each particular sport, on- and off-court/field behavior, and leadership are to be considered when nominating or selecting a GMC Athlete of the Year.

The head coach of any nominee must disclose any athletic code or ineligibility that player had during that sport season, making that athlete ineligible for the award. A player may still be awarded GMC All Conference Honors with a violation. Past year violations will not be disclosed when nominating or voting. If after 3 attempts coaches are unable to break any ties for Athlete of the Year, the Athletic Directors will break the tie at the next regularly scheduled GMC Athletic Directors' meeting.

"One man practicing sportsmanship is better than a hundred teaching it."

- Knute Rockne